“Cha-Cha” Perfected...

Florence's HomeStyle CHA-CHA Green Tomato Relish is a sweet & spicy, vegetable-based, "flavor enhancer" used as a condiment, ingredient, dipping sauce or marinade!

CHA-CHA was traditionally used in Southern cuisine cooking to enhance the flavor of cooked vegetables, meats, and seafood!
Our recipe passed down through our family for generations, is a versatile blend of garden-fresh green tomatoes, peppers, vegetables and savory spices.

CHA-CHA may also be used as an ingredient to enhance the flavor of salads and sauces.

Florence’s HomeStyle “Cha-Cha”®
Available in Hot or Mild - Singles and by the case.


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Wholesome food with a distinctive taste, Florence’s HomeStyle CHA-CHA is gluten-free, low in sodium and has no preservatives or MSG.  Explore the possibilities with some of your favorite recipes and

"Put a little "CHA-CHA" in ya life!"

Florence's HomeStyle "CHA-CHA" goes great with these foods and more!

INGREDIENTS:  Green Tomatoes, Sugar, Yellow Onions, Filtered Water, Apple-Cider Vinegar, Cabbage, Jalapeno Peppers, Serrano Peppers, Red Bell Peppers, Salt, our Signature Blend of "Special Spices", and Cornstarch and spice extractive (Hot version).


“This is the BEST thing to come out of a jar! I love it!"
Liz Rice-Sosne - St. Louis, MO



“I'm really in love with it. I can't use regular relish in my tuna salad anymore. It's just bland without the Cha-Cha!"
Teresa Moore - Toledo, OH


“I LOVE your Cha-Cha! It is amazing, I enjoy the Sweet & Spicy Cha-Cha on my pulled pork sandwich and I even put some on my macaroni and cheese, yum! Thank you for making such a wonderful product, please don't ever stop making your delightful Cha-Cha! I can't wait to try your recipes!"
Kathy Phelan - Chesterfield, MO


"It has many potential uses, one of which is mixing it in with some black-eyed peas for a soul food classic!"
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis, MO



“...and, I will definitely be revisiting your Cha-Cha site. Your recipes look delicious. I, too, grew up on southern style Cha-Cha!!”
 Janis Kearney


“It’s different than other relishes because it uses green tomatoes - that makes it exotic,”
Joyce Marks - Florissant, MO


"I use Cha-Cha in chicken and tuna salads. It gives them that special taste not found in other salads."
Ruby Griffin - Little Rock, AR


"It wakes up the flavor in vegetables...and meats!"
Marcie Sullivan - Morrilton, AR



"I grew up on Cha-Cha, but Florence’s is the best I’ve ever had!"
Myrtlene Paden - Lake Havasu, AZ


"I have tried it and it is very tasty. It’s wonderful to find out the many different ways you can use it."
Bettie Wesley - MILWAUKEE, WI


"Actually, I'm more worried about the shipping people finding out how good the product is. I'll never get it if they do!"
Lencola Sullivan-Verseveldt, The Netherlands


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